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Complete Wellness Program

Fit for Life Training of Nevada provides the roadmap for complete health wellness for your company employees. We offer a holistic approach to wellness that is hands on and effective. Regardless of your size or structure, We believe that every company thrives when employees feel their healthiest. We offer a variety of services.

If you are looking for personal training for yourself and friends rather than for a company, please visit the main page.

I look forward to working with you and your company.
Jimi R. Cox


On Site Health Education Presentations

Education is the essential tool needed to be successful in the quest for complete wellness. Our presentations are effective because it is straight forward and entertaining for your members. Each presentation includes vital information from the latest scientific research for health benefits.

Body Composition Assessments

Our BodyMetrix System provides instant comprehensive reports, including caloric expenditure and risk levels for diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. These reports can be printed or mailed to an employee. Proven ultrasound technology that can accurately measure fat and muscle. The BodyMetrix system is not sensitive to hydration, exercise level, and caffeine intake. This system go beyond body fat %, it will measure and track fat and muscle thickness to more accurately monitor the effects of diet and exercise.

Exercise Coaching

Our Certified Exercise Coach assesses the current fitness status and motivation levels and works with each member to develop goals and a realistic fitness plan to achieve those goals. The Coach helps identify the types of exercise that will work for the member, monitors progress, and provides suggestions and encouragement.

Stress Management Classes

Stress is the root cause of all diseases! It is very important for your health to perform activities that can reduce your stress level. The presentations and/or classes are designed to educate and inspire each member to perform daily activities for reducing stress.

Organized Cardiovascular Activities

Your team members will have the opportunity to meet at various locations (including our private facility) to conduct organized cardiovascular activities. Each organized event will be supervised to ensure safety and coherence for proper form.

Nutritional Counseling

You are what you eat! Nutrition is the most important component to maintaining optimal wellness. Each member will have the opportunity to learn the facts about sugars, diets, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Food is fuel! What you choose to eat have a profound effect on how your body perform. No more guessing! Just the facts will be explained.

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